Colburn Kids Tap/L.A

Colburn Kids Tap/L.A. is a special project of Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers and the Colburn School of Performing Arts. Trained by LA C& D Associate Director Alfred Desio, Colburn Kids Tap/L.A. most recently performed with the Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra at the Ford Theatre in the fall of 2004. Other performances include: in January 2000, 2 the of "Kids" and Alfred and performed Morton Gould's Tap Dance Concerto with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. The dancers were Demetria Moss and Antoine Grant. Demitria also toured as the youngest member of "Caution, Men At Work: TAP", also directed by Desio, and choreographed by Desio and Louise Reichlin. The show, produced by Theatrical Arts Internation, toured to 12 states in the spring of 2000. Please see our Current News and Performances LA C&D for more information. The history of the group includes 13 members of the senior and junior group, along with Desio, performing in Dance Kaleidoscope at the Anson Ford Amphitheatre in July, 1997. More recently, members of the group opened the 1998 summer series at Cal Plaza and members of the group performed with Gregory Hines on the Rosanne Barr Show and at the Jazz Bakery. The photo here is four of the original group. Other recent performances included "Day of the Drum" Festival, "Roots of Dance," and Kids At the Greek, all in Los Angeles. The group, as it is now structured, began with 4 shows choreographed by Alfred at the Los Angeles Children's Museum, and, with the help of a Brody Award, they worked intensively with Kennedy Center Awardee Fayard Nicholas of the Nicholas Brothers. They had their own show at the LA Children's Hospital, and also performed with LA C& D at Cal State LA. and USC's Bovard Auditorium. Several years ago they performed with Desio at the renowned Dance Kaleidoscope at the Anson Ford Theatre, and traveled to Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. for performances there and at Peabody Institute in Maryland.

The junior members of Colburn Kids Tap/L.A. appeared on three television shows during National Tap Dance week, and this young group also appeared at "Youth At the Greek Festival 1995" and also in 1997. In the photo they are pictured with tap dance author Rusty Frank who used the young dancers for a documentary video she made for the Smithsonian Institute in October 1994. Since then they have performed on News Programs and at Book Signings when Rusty recently published an update to her book Tap! The Greatest Tap Stars and Their Stories.

Alfred Desio and some original members of Colburn Kids Tap/L.A. gather around Harold Nicholas, of the legendary Nicholas Brothers, after a performance at the Ebony Theater in Los Angeles. Current developments for those pictured include Channing Cook Holmes on the left, who is in the Broadway company of "Riverdance." Please see our Special Projects Page which includes a picture of Alfred and the famed Fayard Nicholas.

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Photo credits: 1- Alfred Desio, 2- Belen Geerligs, 3- Linton Morgan

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