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Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers is a non-profit dance organization composed of two main performance companies, Louise Reichlin & Dancers (modern) and Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio (tap). An important goal has always been to develop inventive new programs for families, including audience participation and multigenerational and multicultural components. These have been sponsored by the L. A. County Museum of Art, the Orange County Museum of Art, Orange County Performing Arts Center, Plaza de la Raza, Cerritos College Family Series, La Mirada Civic Auditorium, the XXIII Olympiad, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, (New York) the Los Angeles Zoo, the Las Vegas Cultural Affairs Department, the City of Walnut "Dancing in the Streets" Festival, the Myrna Loy Center as an NPN residency, the Idaho Arts Council, and others.

Concerned with integrating dance in a meaningful way into the community as well developing the professional aspect of the company, in 1993-94 Louise Reichlin & Dancers created a 7-week after school program at Manual Arts High School, culminating in performance for the company as well as the students, for whom Louise created a multiethnic work composed of their collective backgrounds. She used this as her prototype for activities with Young Audience's "Share the World" project as well as projects involving seniors in the Hollywood area, who performed in a special piece during LA C&D's concert season the following year. In 1996-97, the company was in residence again at Manual Arts High School and at Alexandria Elementary School, and the following year Reichlin created new pieces for children and their families at Los Feliz Elementary and returned to Alexandria Elementary. The project was included in programs with Louise Reichlin & Dancers in three schools culminating at the Margo Albert Theatre at Plaza de la Raza. The following season Reichlin returned to Los Feliz Elementary for another afterschool project with children and their families which culminated in performances at the school and with the company at the Los Angeles Children's Museum. An additional project in the spring included afterschool workshops for children and their families as well as curriculum dancework with two classes that was included in performances at the school, Valerio Elementary, and at the Little Theatre at Valley College. An emphasis on young people also included a performance for the International Festival For Youth in Los Angeles, and four sponsored performances in Las Vegas at the Charleston Heights Arts Center and Reed Whipple Cultural Center. Numerous extended school residencies are described on the Special Projects pages. Louise Reichlin & Dancers works in partnership with schools of the LA Unified School District for the Arts Prototype Program. Louise Reichlin & Dancers has also been selected for the new family series on the Millennium Stage at Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

A special project of LA C& D has been the New Works Dance Festivals where 22 choreographers have had the opportunity to have their work produced using the dancers and resources of the company. The nurturing of promising choreographers has been a unique aspect of the company. Colburn Kids Tap/L.A., directed by Associate Director Alfred Desio, is another project, this time a joint one between LA C& D and the Colburn School of Performing Arts. The student company has toured to Kennedy Center as well as performed at the Ford Theatre, the Greek Theatre, and LA Theater Center in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers has a major new collaborative piece- "Easy and Uneasy Pieces," a paradigm for Los Angeles- that explores the collision of our 2 dance forms and a collage and coexistence of them. Reichlin & Desio's collaborative work's also include "Celtic Suite," described by the Examininer as "Mythically transporting,"and most recently dances for Caution: Men At Work, TAP and a series of industrials.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers

Using a variety of Internet resources as a creative springboard, Louise Reichlin has launched herself into cyberspace with The E-Mail Dances, an innovative and entertaining multimedia performance piece. Louise Reichlin & Dancers have moved into the company's 2nd decade with the intense rhythms and emotions of Dances of Assimilation, the fun of Turkish Delights and metaphorical and uplifting Urban and Tribal Dances, which includes the innovative family audience participation in the finale. This adds a new perspective to the traditions set by signature work The Tennis Dances and modern and tap blend piece Celtic Suite. Quotes from the Los Angeles Times, Examiner, Dance Magazine and Tucson Citizen say: "triumphant - probing and provocative with arresting dance imagery matched to a sophisticated sense of choreographic structure - wildly theatrical and great fun! With refreshing eagerness and beauty, Louise Reichlin's work is ambitious in its blending of modern dance with a more theatrical sense of entertainment." The use of folk themes with modern dance are described by critics as "wonderful microcosms of life and various cultures." Musical elements and imagery from classical, folk, world, medieval and bluegrass influences add to this exhilarating and joyously unusual programming.

Louise Reichlin & Dancers' recent works include The Patchwork Girl of Oz, The Five Sisters and the The Lion and the Mermaid, (all narrated works, 1999-2002), and eight dances for her company for the multimedia production of "DreamScapes." Other works include Dances of Assimilation and the E-Mail Dances. An educational version was performed for high school students bussed to the Orange County Museum of Art for 20 show in spring of 1997, with a shorter Lite Version created for the Feet Speak Festival at Keck Theatre, Occidental College in August that year. Reichlin also created a new piece for children and their families as part of a residency at Valerio Elementary School, and this piece is often included now using volunteers from the audience to learn their parts just before the performance, and then join with the professional company onstage during the culminating work. Following and developing from this, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, has two dances choreographed for 26 students, target age 4th and 5th grades. They play two groups of villagers about to go to war over a misunderstanding - the Hoppers, and the joking Horners, and their dances are integrated into the storyline. Whenever the piece is performed, auxiliary workshops are also given to train these participants. Besides performing for an average of 45 schools in Los Angeles for many years for the Intergroup Cultural Awareness Program(ICAP) our programs for the Family have been sponsored under the Performing Tree, at the LA and La Habre Children's Museums, Cerritos College, La Mirada Theatre, the Armstrong Theatre at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, and at the LA Zoo, where LR & D performed a program of modern dance during their summer residency that tied together animal champions, athletes and dancers. Another new program created for the Children's Theatre Series at the Mark Taper Auditorium was entitled "Imagination, Transportation, Tarantella, and Turkish Delights." For more on Reichlin, please try Bio or for current news and performances.

Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio

Celebration of Alfred Desio's life and Obituary

Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio is an engaging and entertaining solo or ensemble show highlighted by Desio's invention Tap-Tronics(tm), featured in the movie, Tap. Tap-Tronics, seen on The Today Show, Two On the Town, and NBC News, allows Broadway vet Desio to create musical compositions every time he dances a step. Besides the pure enjoyment of Desio's virtuoso rhythm tap, adults and children join him in playing their own Tap-Tronic rhythms as part of the program's interactive finale. Desio has toured in California as a member of the CAC Touring Program and on the WESTAF roster for audiences in Utah, Hawaii, WY, AZ, and Texas. He also traveled to the Smithsonian Institute and Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and Lincoln Center Dance Festival and Dance Theater Workshop in New York. Desio was selected as a touring artist for the International Arts Programming Network and performed at the Barcelona International Dance Festival. In January 2000, Desio choreographed and performed selections from Morton Gould's Tap Dance Concerto with the San Diego Symphony. He again directed Caution, Men At Work: TAP which toured to 13 states, and traveled to Germany in September 2000 for one of the 2 leading characters in the film "Two In Tails," currently playing in international short film festivals around the world.

Reviewed in Variety as "probably the most inventive taper in the business," Alfred Desio also uses traditional jazz and acapello selections to create a program that has the Los Angeles Times writing "jazzy, complex unaccompanied routine that defined tap musicality...brilliant...absolutely dazzling." The New York Times says "The delighted fascination that seems to drive the Los Angeles-based Mr. Desio to explore these high-tech extensions of traditional tap also informs his...dancing. His intricate, deft footwork and his ease are compelling. But in the end it is the cagey exuberance of this leprechaun tapster that makes the work so enjoyable." For more on Desio, try Bio

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