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At the beginning of 1995 I started navigating the Web and there were very few places listed under "dance" when I tried the different search engines. Now there are 1,660,000,000 entries in the Yahoo Search under Dance, and 476,000,000 under a google search.

Because sites are being added so rapidly, often with a "Link to other Dance" page, I thought I would leave the total indexing to other sites and use this one to introduce you to some of the most comprehensive entries as well as some of the smaller sites that interest me, and perhaps you might find interesting. I will put a few of my own comments to guide you, but as every web browser knows, you are going to find everything from concert dance on a world class level to local classes at colleges, to country western in Hawaii. They range from Morris Dance to hip-hop dance sites. Also a dating service with flashy HTML coding and a dance name, but that one you can find yourself. The emphasis of this list will be on concert dance as opposed to recreational or educational dance, although I am open to adding a few of these. If you have a suggestion for an unusual dance releated link, let me know. You should be able to find others through the links that are comprehensive index sites.

I decided to follow a suggestion from a fellow dancer that as more dance from my part of the country develops Web sites, we might need a special place here for that, so I have added a category for Los Angeles area sites. There is also a fabulous new dance map for Los Angeles dance. Please check the Southern California Dance Directory page for the larger listing of companies in the area. One category here is "Dance Reviewers on the Web." Here in Los Angeles we have been talking about some alternative places for dance reviews for years. I would be interested in hearing of others.

Here are a few from my list of bookmarks. They may be changed as I discover new places, so if you like what you find, create a bookmark NOW.



Dance Images

Dance Periodicals and Books >

Dance Reviews on the Web

Dance Indexes or Search Engine Results

  • Yahoo - Performing Arts:Dance
  • (One of the best! Includes all concert categories as well as Indexes. It also includes small companies and is neatly laid out and world-wide in scope. It is crossed indexed when you search under both Art and Dance and they have recently added a dance message board.)

  • Dance Links
  • (A well organized and comprehensive page geared toward dance including many links not found in other places. Besides Dance Company pages, it also lists Dance Presenters, Dance Fundors, Universities with Dance Departments, Dance Publications, and more. The page is produced by James S. White from a list compiled by Amy Reusch on behalf of the ballet-modern newsgroup "alt.arts.ballet" founded by Eliot Aronstern. It is now hosted by Gaynor Minden. )

Folklorico or Specific Cultures

  • C.K. Ladzekpo - African Music and Dance
  • (These pages are the bountiful site for the knowledge, music, and dance art of C.K. Ladzekpo. Besides brilliantly colored photos, video and audio clips, perhaps of greatest interest is a preview of a forthcoming CDRom course in African Dance Drumming. This is one of the most exciting excerpts of written words combined with examples I've seen on the web. Credit must also go to the page designer Richard Hodges.)

Modern Dance

  • Dance In Bangkok
  • (This site presents dance classes in Bangkok, Thailand: contemporary dance, ballet, modern and modern-jazz as well as dance schools and volunteering by Yoona Crals and Patrice Leroy. It is very well executed and includes a definition of contemporary dance as well as broad description and images of the work of the two artists.)

  • Doris Batcheller Humphrey
  • (An unusual approach for a pioneer in modern dance, this is a witty page written in the first person as Doris Humphrey might have if she were alive.)

  • Troika Ranch Home Page
  • (This was one of the first dance pages on the web. I was delighted to find it, as I had met its author Mark Coniglio when he lived in LA. He has always been "out there" finding innovative ways to use electronic technology. I had first heard about him from my husband and partner Alfred Desio who invented Tap-Tronics(tm), electronic tap dancing. Mark's page includes a quick-time video, as well as a Geek page with real facts for those who are electronically oriented.)

Tap Dance

  • Tap Dance Homepage
  • (Created by Paul Corr in Pennsylvania, a college computer person with an interest in Tap Dance, this has been one of the inspirational pages on dance for us. He puts on line some of the Newsletter information for the International Tap Association, and goes out of his way to try to include the tap dancers of the world. Included on his page are everything you might think of associated with tap, including companies, dancers, films, books, etc. A current calendar of tap events around the world is included. A must see on the Web.)

  • Jazz Tap Center
  • (Founded in Israel and now in New York. The Center produces major Jazz Tap Festivals, markets the Bufalino-Miller Tap Shoes, and is a home for Avi Miller, Ofer Ben, and the Tap Tel-Aviv Dance Company. )

Some Los Angeles Area Web Sites

  • L.A. Dancemap
  • (Compiled by Meg Wolfe, this is a fabulous tool to finding dance locations in Los Angeles. I have not seen any others like this, and it connects you with many many studios and performance venues.

  • Benita Bike's DanceArt Co.
  • (This site gives a well organized view of the company directed by modern dance choreographer Benita Bike. It includes credited photos, repertoire, and both current events and history of the company. )

  • Tango
  • (Here is a site that has everything about the Tango, and it is located here in Los Angeles! Dance, Music, Artists, Events, Places, Classes, Media, Radio, Store, currated by Vladimir Estrin. You can also find out about a tango festival coming up in Long Beach in June and July. )

  • Dance!90210 Home Page
  • (Hey, this page is fun! and includes timely references to the state of dance and life today, with links to Top Ten Lists + more. It is the Home Page of choreographer and teacher (Beverly Hills High School) Janet Roston and reflects the wit of both her and her husband Barry Weiss. Weiss has recently begun a review column and you can also find a review of a work of mine, The E-mail Dances: version 1.0a)

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