Urban and Tribal Dances

Urban and Tribal Dances was created over a three year period from 1990-92, by Louise Reichlin, that uses metaphor and transfers what we think of as tribal behavior to the contemporary urban setting.

Batida and Together reveal an ever-present communal or tribal theme. Alone is the opposite, bleak and isolated. Wedding views the familiar rite of passage from the wedding party members various points of reference. War draws on warriors from many times, and was inspired by Desert Storm which in many ways translated as entertainment on television. Not much was shown of the many who suffered and died during the war. Remembrance uses the image of a being, perhaps part angel, who is in contact with the happenings on earth, communicating the feelings and emotions of what she senses there.

Urban and Tribal Dances builds on sounds and music which the composers, Musci and Venosta, taped in different parts of the world. Then they wove additional music to this base. Linda Borough, LA C& D Costumer and collaborator with Reichlin since 1986, creates the costumes and sets.