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Welcome to Southern California's link with many of the dance sites on the Web . We are located on a server at USC. I wanted others to become aware of Southern California, specifically the greater Los Angeles area, as a dance center. I have heard that we have more dancers and choreographers than any city in the world, and sometimes when I travel 50 miles for a performance and it is still called local, I am reminded of the wealth of cultures and forms of dance, both professional and community, in our sprawling global city.

When I began using Netscape I was amazed at the networking (no pun intended) possibilities, and I began planning a Southern California Dance Directory of the professional companies and the dance service organizations in our area. It quickly came to include other dance organizations that are important for dance in education and dance therapy, as well as organizations of great help assisting dance companies in Los Angeles. I cannot support extended information in these pages about everyone, but I will begin with the names of companies and director and will give an e-mail or contact #'s and web site when available. There will also be information about Dance at the University of Southern California and about my own company Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, with performing units Louise Reichlin & Dancers Louise Reichlin and Zapped Taps(tm)/Alfred Desio Alfred Desio. On February 14, 2007, Alfred Desio passed away, and an obituary notice about him and a celebration/memorial event has a link at the same location.

I also want to call your attention to the most up-to-date events Current News and Performances LA C&D. Our newest features are our newsletters going back to 2001 LA C& D Newsletters. When you see the symbolafter an item in the list of links below it refers to either a new category or new information in a continuing category.

Recently I have gotten some e-mail from people wondering why I have not included more about social and recreational dance in Los Angeles, and quite simply, I hadn't been aware of how much there was here, and the amount of interest there is in this area of dance. So, if you check our Links with Other Dance on the Net you will now find some additional sources for this type of dance here in LA. However- it is seriously now out of date, so will be updating soon. Other e-mail and calls asked if we could post some dance positions and rehearsal studios in Southern CA. You asked for it and dance positions now has its own link below. If you have dance work in Southern CA, let us know, and we can post it for you.

These pages were developed by Louise Reichlin with assistance from Mary Kat Kennedy with Deep "Kim" Singh as consultants, both from the original Multimedia Fellowship Program at USC. We all learned our first HTML together. Our first edition was in June 1995. We welcome comments and response to these pages, and you can e-mail me (Louise Reichlin) or call (213)385-1171.

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My name is Louise Reichlin and I was a Faculty member of the University of Southern California for 30 years. I am currently Artistic and Managing Director of a Non-Profit dance organization, Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, which I founded in 1979. Just before then, I choreographed a work called The Tennis Dances that subsequently became the signature piece for my dance company. By coincidence it was choreographed for performances using USC's dance department, then in PE, including both faculty and students. Now, Dance and Movement at USC are found in the School of Music and the School of Theatre, both part of the university structure, and the main dance program is the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

My specialty with the School of Music was a class called
Movement Training For Musicians. It was used in these pages as a notice to tell students about the class. It was developed as an offshoot of classes I have taught for actors, and uses an experiential approach to how the body works, using all the body systems, and also using space, time, flow, and weightedness. It also included dance movement as well as practical application for the musicians with their instruments.

My professional company Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, with performing unit Louise Reichlin & Dancers is very active with new works each year, and touring. We also do about 20 dance residencies a year in partnership with the LA Unified Schools, and besides teaching and performing for youth, I also train teachers there with Professional Development (PD) classes. For more about our company and educational activities, please see our current web pages.

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